Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pasta Combination Chart - First of 2 Parts

This is page 1 of our 2 page Pasta Combo Chart.  You will find this chart handy for ideas on how to pair our pastas with great ingredients for a wonderful meal.  We would love to hear your ideas as well – let us know what you love to combine!

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  1. Love the chart.
    I have a few recipes that i like.
    With Sweet potato Linguini I like it with sauted mushroom and chicken w/ garlic and chili pepper flakes. Before tossing with pasta add a teaspoon of cinnamon to mix, can add goat cheese also.Drizzle / White Balsamic w/Pear

    With the Chipotle Pasta I like it with roasted butternut squash or sweet potatoes, chicken or pork pieces, corn and again, goat cheese or parm. toss pasta w/ Rosemary or Basil Olive oil