Saturday, September 10, 2016

Oven Roasted Sriracha Mango Chicken Wings

Our Sriracha Mango White Balsamic Vinegar is our first balsamic with a ‘bite’ to it. We have been showing it at festivals for a few months now, and folks love it. Their first question, however, is how do we use it?

The first idea we had was chicken wings, ala buffalo wings, and finally we marched into Nan’s Test Kitchen and made the recipe work. Two amazing things happened! First, they turned out awesome – the oven roasted rich flavor of the wings contrasts well with the smooth sweet/hot mango, traditional and exotic at the same time. The other amazing thing? They were so darn easy to make!

We served these delicious wings with a sauce also made with our Sriracha Mango White Balsamic. You can find that recipe here.



Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl toss the chicken wings with the olive oil, Kosher salt and black pepper to taste. Spread evenly on an oiled baking sheet and bake about 30 minutes, turning once halfway through the cooking time. Remove from oven.

Using tongs, place the hot wings into a new large mixing bowl (or thoroughly wash the first one). Drizzle half the Sriracha Mango Balsamic over the wings, and toss to coat. Return to the baking sheet and bake 5 more minutes. Plate, and drizzle remaining vinegar over the finished wings.

Serve with our Sriracha Mango Multi-Purpose Sauce as a dipping sauce – you can find the recipe here.

Four servings.

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