Thursday, March 29, 2018

Updated Pasta Combination Chart

The above image is our latest version of our handy
Pasta Combo Chart!

We hope you find this chart useful for inspiration on how to pair our pastas with great ingredients for a wonderful meal. At shows we do many of you ask for our recommendation on which of our blended olive oils go best with which pasta. Per your suggestion, we have also added ideas on other items you may want to toss in to enhance your pasta experience.

'GF?' indicates which of our flavored pasta is also available in Gluten-Free!

The chart is a simple JPG image, in other words, much like an image from a digital camera or phone. To copy it to your PC, simply right click with your mouse on the image. Select 'Save Image As...' and place into into the folder of your choice on your computer. You can then print a copy if desired.

If you prefer, write to us at and we can send you a PDF version.

We know there are more and better pairing ideas - we would love to hear yours as well – let us know your favorite combinations!